Do I need a mat?

The patented pipe roller is designed to slow the roll and grip the grount, but it is easier to ride on carpet, on grass, or on a mat. Riding on concrete is more diffiicult because the pipe rolls faster.


What's different about the deck?

PipeBoardŽ's patented decks have a particular combination of a flat + concave shape and a bottom coating. The special shape allows riders to have full stability, yet also the leeway to get radical. The bottom coat is a hard rubber that sticks to the pipe. Since riders have full range of motion, they are able to pull off extraordinary skateboard-style tricks on the state-of-the-art deck.


Where is pipeboarding popular?

PipeBoardŽ's are sold all over the world yet seem to be most popular in cold climates. We assume this is because it allows riders to practice tricks and balance indoors when (due to rain, sleet, snow) they can't ride or skate outdoors. By and large pipeboarding is enjoyed by riders everywhere.


Is it difficult?

Pipeboarding is meant to improve existing balance skills. It is an advanced balance training tool for board riders. Riders are meant to do tricks, in addition to maintaining balance. In this way, board riders gain valuable exercise during a time when they aren't out riding or skating.